Learn About Us

We are a small acreage farm located in Northern Colorado. We have over 60 years family experience farming in Colorado along the Front Range. We pride ourselves on sustainable farming practices. We are dedicated to the non-use of pesticides, and the non-use of chemicals. We believe in growing in a natural, organic, environment.

Derrick Hoffman is a Colorado Native that farmed along side with his Grandfather and Dad until 2002. He has spent his time since 2010 building up the new Hoffman Farm located north of Greeley. Learning new techniques for creating healthy soil, using green manure and cover crops, and experimenting with crop varieties not normally found in Colorado, and testing out various Hop varieties as well.

Hanmei Hoffman has a family history rich in farming in China, where her family on her Mother’s focused on vegetables and produce in southern China. With her education and business experience she led the way to forming Hoffman Farms into a business that can directly sell the Hops and Vegetables that are grown on the Hoffman Farm.

We may be a small farm, but we grow a lot. Our main focus is Hops to be used in the local craft beer industry, as well as fruits and vegetables that we will start selling at local Farmers Markets in 2015. A first in 2015 will be bee keeping, which Hanmei has passion for, as well as annuals, perennials and cut flowers. Our intent is to grow bee friendly flowers in and around our farm.

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