Tomato Varieties 2015

This year we will be growing over 19 different tomato varieties. All of our seedlings were starting in March of this year, and are growing fast with the warm spring we are having. We grow mainly for our use in our garden area but this year we decided to grow extra and offer them up as seedlings to others as well. We will be selling the seedlings in May at the local Farmers Markets, and then we will be selling what we harvest starting mid July!

Brandy Wine, Black Brandy Wine, Black Krim, Cluster Grande, Heinz Classic Processor, Isis Candy, Martino’s Roma, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Tomatoberry, Coustralee, Druzba, Anna Russian, Bonny Best, Sweet Seedless (yes seedless!), Big Zac, Original Blue Ribbon, Mortgage Lifter, San Marzano, and Burpee’s Long Keeper.

All of our seed we purchase is organically produced, non-GMO.

Tomatoes originated from a tropical climate, and for Colorado we have always put our tomatoes out in the ground around Mother’s Day weekend or the weekend after. Colorado can see what can be described as the the last death throes of winter in May, with one last snow storm or freeze around the first part of May and tomatoes generally like soil temperatures above 60 F. Personally we like to see our soil above 50 F, because anything below that will stunt their growth. Once we have them out in the garden space, we setup wind protection for them through the first part of June. With at least 2 inches of water a week and a good source of calcium, like egg shells, anyone can expect a good harvest starting in July going through September!

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