By now, most people are 1-2 generations removed from farming. And despite many not having a background in farming, many are setting out like us in hopes of providing food for not only themselves but for others. More and more people are concerned about where their food comes from, and prefer to buy locally.

If you are setting out and hoping to make your property into a productive farm, possibly starting a hop yard of your own to capitalize on the growing micro brew industry sweeping the nation (and Colorado), feel free to contact us.

We went through the trial and tribulations of starting some of this for the first time. We had few resources setting out on this adventure, only our past experience in farming. We are here to offer what we learned, what products are out there, and what you need to get started or even possibly change the way you have been practicing farming.

We are available for any level of consulting you need.

Please contact us any time!

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