The Farm


Hoffman Farms, LLC is a small 3 acre farm located north of Greeley. It’s where we call home, and it is also home to where we grow our hops, vegetables, and flowers.

The farm was originally part of a larger farm that was subdivided in the 1960s. The by laws of the subdivision kept the irrigation and water rights with each lot. This, with with the combination of great soil has proved to be a great starting point for us to start our farm business.

We are excited for 2015, as we expand our hop production into a new trellis, and expand our hops into 8 varieties. We are also tripling the size of our vegetable garden to deliver fresh vegetables and produce to the Farmers Markets along the front range.

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We will be looking to expand our operations in 2016, and if you are a local land owner or farmer in the area, please contact us. This will be a good year for us to build our relationships and partnerships. Our goal is to grow, just like our plants!